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We'd love for your horse to hang his halter here! Monthly boarding as well as Long Term Care/Vacation is calculated daily up to the monthly boarding cost of $425 USD (whichever is cheaper).  Our facility can care for your horse in a variety of ways you see fit and what your horse is used to. 



Monthly rate of $425 is calculated as a full service Deluxe stall

accommodation which includes: 

  • Hay provided by the Paard Yard 

  • Feeding of your provided supplements (if applicable)

  • Daily turn-out/Pasture time

  • Stall cleaning 

  • Blanketing (blanket provided by owner)

  • Use of Arena & Trails

  • Hot water wash bay

  • Temperature controlled tack room

  • Restroom facility available

Arena & Trails

The Paard Yard has a newly constructed English-style arena complete with jump course.  The arena is outdoors and privy to some spectacular views!  The arena is open to non-boarders for a nominal daily fee of $10/horse brought to the property for riding.  Release forms are available in the mailbox to the right of the gate of the arena.  Monthly access memberships to the arena are available for $75.


If you are in need of a location for your next equine event, please feel free to call and ask about reserving the arena.  No cattle are allowed for arena events. 

Trails are being constructed on the 20-acre property to practice working equitation, cross-country or just have a nice walk-out with your horse.  North side trail is finished with obstacles such as a large bridge, slalom poles, mailbox, jump, turn-around box and lots of hills and ravines.  North trail is always open (except on red-flag warning days).  

Feel free to wander outside the property fencing for trail riding as well.  All "close" neighbors have granted permission for you to ride.

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