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I'm A Lady's Man

Its almost Spring up here in the north – you know how I can tell? It hasn’t snowed in almost a week! Good thing since most of my heavy winter coat has been brushed off me. I think I need these beautiful bluebirds that are hanging out around the property to come by and pick up the fur and use it to insulate their nests. Not sure if they do that sort of thing, but the rabbit told me she didn’t need any more for hers.

With the “better weather” (now its only raining), work is being done all around the farm. Kelly and her husband, Ken, are preparing the land to be fenced all along the north side. They spent the day pulling out all the old fencing and t-posts to prepare for wood posts and electro-braid. The plan is to have more grazing land and, hooves crossed, more stalls for the horse motel. After that, they came in and worked the front lot where I spend most of my time. My favorite spot in this 20-acre horse haven is a 4’x4’ area Ken has nicknamed “Mr. B’s Bend”. It is right where the dirt road and the driveway intersect. If I’m not eating, I can be found there with my hind to the wind’s direction. Kelly calls me the ‘hay eating barometer’. I feel it is my duty to show them where the wind is coming from and most importantly, to get all worked up and go nuts when the weather is about to change! I am such a superstar! Anyways, after Ken and Kelly pulled the old fencing, they came to my bend and worked the ground here. It is an ongoing process to rid the ground of big rocks…and level out my bend. I did my best to direct where they should be working the ground.

We did have our first visitors last week during a snow storm! That was exciting to say the least. I was banished to the south pasture for some reason (something about a REAL stud being around). I guess I don’t qualify as being a stud. I feel like I am pretty studly – good looking, great mane that flows in the wind, muscular legs and a good hind end – I’m a 4-legged Fabio! Maybe Kelly doesn’t realize this? I’m sure the mares do. That’s all I’m looking to impress, anyways. I did get to try out the hot wash station in the barn. You know, I got to look my best! I really like the hot water. Much more comfortable on those “unmentionable parts”. After the bath I decided to make Kelly real upset by rolling in the mud. She just doesn’t get it – I like dirt. I know she likes dirt because she is usually digging around with the tractor or working in the garden. What’s the difference? She said I needed to look good for the newspaper that’s coming this week to take pictures. Hey, earth to Kelly…I’m a 4-legged Fabio! I got this covered.

When I am a 4-legged Prince Charming, so to speak, I definitely become a lady’s man. No worries about the lack of studly-ness in me! Usually I become a lady’s man when I have been “such a good boy” (Kelly’s words, not mine!) What can I say? (blushes). I love the ladies. Pink Lady’s, that is. I love their little juicy, crispy, crunch after a good workout. Yes, I am an apple connoisseur. I am definitely not a fan of Granny Smith. Honeycrips are also pretty tasty…But, those pink lady’s are so dang good! They put me into a trance and I just slobber all over the place. Kinda embarrassing for being such a studly, lady’s man!

Until Next Time…

Mr. B

And here is a video from the archives of me enjoying that ever so delicious apple...

if the video isn't displaying correctly, here is the link:

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