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The One Little Pig

Once upon a time, in a land that was full of snow, lived a brave steed in a field next to a house, in which lived a little, furry, brown dog. Now this dog wasn't any normal dog, for it had superpowers beyond any wild horse's imagination! On any normal day the brave steed would watch the little dog without much consideration as it ran around the land sniffing the ground, chasing rabbits and scaring, generally, all of nature's gentle beasts. There was no maliciousness in the little brown dog, just an over abundance of excitement to be free from the confines of the warm and cozy house. The sighting of the little brown dog usually occured in tandem with the emergence of a large, blue, fluffy-dressed human with big orange goggles, who waded through the mounds of snow calling for her steed as she approached the outer limits of his lair. The steed was accustomed to such visits and usually enjoyed the magical calling since it was oftentimes accompanied withan offering of very tasty little morsels. On one such occassion, after a very large snow storm smothered the land, it was very difficult for the steed to walk through the deep snow to survey his field as he had done many times before. He decided to not seek the sweet-calling human, if she should appear that day, in attempt to conserve his energy. As the brave steed snuggled-up in his coat he decided to rest his eyes and take a nap.

Thunderous, rhythmic stomping, accompanied with heavy breathing awoke the steed with such a fright! What was that creature which accompanied the human? It was pink, shocking the steed! It was wearing shoes, alarming the steed even further! What was this creature encroaching the lair? Was the human in trouble? She was calling out, but not for the steed. The little pink pig ran along the fence yelling "Let me in, let me in!", for the snow was so deep the pig could find no entry. The steed called back "Not by the hair growing on my pointy chin, chin!" The steed knowing he had to protect his land and the human called out "Leave my lair! Or, I will huff, and I will puff, and I will blow you down!" The little pig was scared by the boisterous steed's warnings. The pig ran back to the human for safety. The brave steed had thwarted the attempted passage to the lair this day!

Oddly, the human was not frightened of the little pig. When the little pig jumped for joy against the human's chest, long brown legs fitted with reflective shoes emerged from the pink covering! Was that the dog? The brave steed wasn't sure. For one, horses can't see red tones. And two, the human was bringing treats so it didn't really matter - dog transformative superpowers or not.

The End!

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