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Dog Days of Summer

Its been a while since my last post to the blogging world. Summer started officially, a few days ago, and I am getting ready for my lazy summer days ahead. What are they called? Dog days of summer? I do know there is a dog here. A little, brown, furry rodent, my humans call “Bonnie”. I guess she is ok. Always wanting to start trouble if you ask me.

The minute I was to play chase she runs off and I can’t catch her since she sneakily can run through the fence posts. I guess I am getting used to her. She is kinda cute. She is tolerable.

Bullet & Bonnie

If you keep up with Kelly’s Facebook posts, you would have noticed that spring was pretty busy here at the Paard Yard and around Montana. Kelly took me to a horse show in May. This was my first time travelling a long distance in the trailer. I am not really very fond of closed-in spaces, so getting into the trailer is not my forte. It takes two to coax me in, but, once I’m in, Kelly lets me stick my head out the hay chute. Usually a treat ensues, so who is training who? Ha-ha! Got them right where I want them! This horse show stuff is pretty exciting. After a ride that seemed to take forever, we arrived at the destination and there were lots of other horses there with riders all dressed up. I knew something was up because Kelly was kinda nervous. I was just so excited to see something new and meet some new friends. We did some warm-up lunging with another person and her horse. I am so glad there was someone else in the area with us because there was an attack bird! This bird was crazy and anytime we got near it, it would squawk and chase us down! It was pretty frightening to be chased by this creature. I’m telling you! Scarier than a bunny rustling in a bush. I about had a heart attack! No wonder those attack birds are called KILLdeer! My dad, Ken, came to the rescue of Kelly, me and the others. He had discovered a nest near the deranged bird. He put a few orange cones around the bird’s territory and saved the day! Ken’s not my real dad since, obviously, he only has two legs to my four, but either way, he’s my hero! No more attack bird. He is also my hero because he helped me skip out on my first horse show class! That was a classic mishap he will never live down! First horse show and Ken takes me on a walk around the grounds and we miss my first class. Kelly was pretty upset but laughed it off at the irony of it all. Her big goal was to take me to a show and then we miss the first class! I made up for it the rest of the day. I guess I kinda felt sorry for her – or I was just exhausted from the extreme work-out with the attack bird and then the long walk. Not sure which. But, we placed in several classes and… we weren’t last! Woohoo! I did the best in the bunny-hop class. I love jumping and this was a good trial class for me. Everything was fine until the first jump I found out was colored BLUE! Whoa, Nellie! That is one scary color, but I still went over it! Yay me! We placed the highest in that class. We got 4th and Kelly was ecstatic and it earned me a few treats, too! Kelly told me there was another show in August I had to plan for. Not too excited about that, but heck, keeps her happy.

Bullet approving of his winnings

With the show “under my girth”, I can concentrate on what is going on at The Yard. I am not sure who is more excited, Kelly or me, concerning the fencing of the north pasture. I guess it would be me since now I have more places to explore, hills to climb, and the opposite view of my corner, “Mr. B’s Bend”. Perfect timing to keep my studly physique in top shape. Luckily the pasture is filled with grass so I can have a bite to eat while exercising for swimsuit season. Or, maybe no swimsuit? Commando, isn’t that what they call it? No swimsuit and camouflage. Perfect. I am too white for a tan, anyways. Mud should do the trick! Here is a picture of me getting in shape. Notice the grass hanging out of my mouth as I exercise and wear mud camo – life is great!

Eating hay, sporting camo tan, all while getting his swoll on!

July 4th is just around the corner, too! While all the fireworks freak me out to no end, what could be more American that that? Maybe, ballcaps and apple pie? Mmmm…. apples…. They should really make a treat named that. Kinda tired of apple and oat flavor. In the meantime, enjoy the lazy days of summer!

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