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Ooh, La Neigh - It's Spring?!

I'm Mr. B. My owner decided I needed to be part of her new endeavour with the Paard Yard business, so she elected me to be the resident blogger. I'm not really sure what a blog is, but she told me it was important for me to do if I were to keep living for free at her place. Talk about tough love! So here I am, standing in front of my stall trying to get these hooves warmed up, looking out onto my pasture while chewing some very delicious alfalfa blend, brainstorming a relatively interesting topic for you to read. (crickets chirp)...(crickets chirp)...(crickets chirp).

I ate a carrot today! (crickets chirp). I love carrots, actually. When I first came to live with my owner I had no idea what carrots were! I couldn't figure out for the life of me why my owner was waving this oddly shaped orange thing next to my nose. I held my lips together tighter than security at Ft. Knox while she demonstrated what I should be doing. Is she nuts, I thought? Reluctantly, I decided to appease her determination. I at least opened my mouth and just clamped down on it. She held onto the other end. Now what? She kept saying, "Eat it, Mr B."! She broke off the other half and proceeded to show me what to do with her end of the carrot. She was really quite a sight standing there in the isleway pretending to chew this orange stick quite loudly. Anyways, I reciprocated the motion. My first taste was just like when Remmy experiences food flavors on the movie "Ratatouille". Pure fireworks! It was so good! You know who else likes carrots? Bunnies. This so called Spring weather has all the local creatures off their A-game. I like nature and anything soft and cute is welcome in the pasture with me. Anyways, this bunny is cold and hungry and asked to bunk-up with me at night when my owner is sleeping. He hopped on by kinda early last night and Kelly, my owner, spotted him enjoying my leftover hay and fluffy shavings. I had decided earlier in the day to do some spring cleaning - its important to throw your hay all around the stall so you can find the really yummy bits of leaves that fall to the bottom of the food bin. Anyways, the bunny stuck around for a while during her barn chores, but hopped away when she brought in my nightly ration. I know she was looking for him when she came out this morning because she had a camera with her (sadly, my house was still undergoing its cleaning spree!) Instead, she found his tracks in the snow. Snow?! Isn't it springtime? I know I am shedding like crazy so something must be wrong. Oddly, Kelly came out of the barn wearing MY Weatherbeeta spring jacket the other day. It was crazy windy and sleeting. I think the temperature was below zero. We played a fun game of "chase me around the paddock". I won and Kelly was quite the sore looser. I am sick and tired of wearing my blanket because its supposed to be spring. Today it has proabbly snowed over 4 inches and I am covered in snow. A blanket would have been nice, but I will never tell Kelly!

No luck spotting him - but she did find tracks in the newly fallen snow. And, what is up with this weather?! Snow? Kelly came out a few days ago with my spring-weight Weatherbeeta blanket and I wasn't going to have any part in wearing it. She said I needed it since I am shedding so bad and was going to be cold. Nope! I wanted nothing to do with jackets! She chased me around the paddock wearing my blanket since it was pretty darn windy and sleeting. I think with the wind chill it was below zero. It was entertaining watching her follow me around and I eluding her at the last second. She finally gave up. I won! No blanket! But now I have snow all over me - maybe the blanket would have been nice. I will never tell her that!

Hopefully, my first entry into the blogging world will keep me fed and on the payroll. Welcome to Kelly's Paard Yard. I will keep you posted of all the interesting farm happenings going on around here. Maybe a carrot or two will be in my future...

Until next time!

Mr. B (aka Bullet)

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1 Comment

Valerie Barnes Meador
Valerie Barnes Meador
Apr 13, 2018

Hi Mr. B... I can't wait to hear more about your life out in the country. This city life is no fun...just a bunch of yappy dogs! ~Jasper

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